Here is a testimony from someone who was impacted by either reading or receiving a Gideons bible or New Testament.

"I’m off up the Travers Valley” Keith fumed as he headed for his vehicle. 

From the time they were married his mother-in-law was living with them.  Three children were raised and at last an opportunity presented itself for him and his lovely wife to have a few days break prior to their daughter beginning at Teachers College.  You can imagine the relief, the first time away without his wife’s rather possessive mother accompanying them; so they seized the opportunity to go tramping, Upon returning his mother-in-law fired off,“Why did you ever go away, out of contact tramping? Marilyn has got sick!”

This proved too much for Keith and he snapped, “I’m off up the Travers!” Isn’t that the way a good Kiwi bloke would deal with confrontation? 

Living in Murchison, the Travers Valley at the top of Lake Rotoiti is quite handy and a grand spot to find some solace.  As he trudged up the Travers Valley, Keith had time to reflect on the past few days and eventually took rest at a mountain hut.  Keith had been confirmed at an early age as was the custom in those days but didn’t bother to read anything as boring as a Bible.  However, in the peace of that mountain hut without any distractions, Keith started to read God’s Holy Word placed by the Gideons and God spoke to his heart. Upon returning home Keith purchased a Bible of his own and to this day regularly studies God’s word and serves in a local church in Richmond.

We give God the glory for drawing Keith to himself.