Gideon Bible app

The Gideon Bible app contains 1317 languages and dialects (and counting)
They range from the full bible, the New Testament, audio books or scripture portions.

Scan the QR codes below to download the Gideon Bible app from Google Play or the Apple Store.

How to use the app    Short video on how to get the most out of the Gideon Bible app

The easiest way to find your language is to use the countries option.
Select Bibles then select Countries on the right

Gideons Bible App for Android

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Apple App store

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If you want to add notes or download bible books to your device you need to register (free of charge)

We also have The Life Book, suited for your youth ministry.


Please note:

We are a New Zealand registered charity but donations made through the main Gideons International's site are not tax deductible in New Zealand, instead use the Friends of Gideons page, so you will receive a tax deduction receipt.